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Revenue Leakage

A revenue cycle that has leaks can put your practice in a tough spot, as you may feel compelled to offer more services in an attempt to boost revenue. This approach can negatively impact the patient experience and lead to provider burnout. Addressing the issue of revenue leakage is a far more effective way to increase revenue without compromising the patient-provider relationship. As such, it becomes imperative for medical practice executives to reevaluate their processes diligently, ensuring that potential collections do not leak throughout the revenue cycle by doing an in-depth insurance claim audit and by focusing on optimizing the revenue cycle, healthcare providers can enhance their financial health while simultaneously delivering top-notch patient care.

Fix your Rev Cycle Leakages with Jindal Healthcare

We offer a one-time scan service for your claim data using our proprietary tool – HealthX. Our expert team securely processes a file extract from your EMR and Clearing House, ensuring absolute confidentiality. The data is then uploaded into our HealthX Audit System. After conducting a thorough analysis, we present the findings on a PowerBi dashboard for your review.

How do we do it?

Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of the last 6 to 12 months of insurance claims through a series of comprehensive reports

Clean Claim Rate

We determine the percentage of claims that successfully pass through on the first attempt and then compare it to the industry benchmark as set by MGMA guidelines.

Unresolved A/R Report

We thoroughly examine claims that did not go through successfully and create a denial report. This helps us identify trends that shed light on the reasons behind these initial denials.

Denial Audit

Our focus extends to scrutinizing all denials in the revenue cycle to identify patterns and opportunities for enhancing the clean claim rate. By doing so, we aim to expedite practices' cash flow and minimize costs associated with rebilling denied claims.

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Our Approach

To conduct a thorough partner review, we rely on the following reports

Witness the Unbelievable

Learn how our proprietary Al-based tool, HealthX, analyzes your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and provides data-driven insights to achieve revenue cycle goals.

Download our partner review sample report and see how we can help your practice thrive!