Three Ways
We Partner

  • Strategically Focused Model
  • Project Partner Model
  • Full End-to-End Partner Model

We complement back-office administrative functions and tasks to streamline revenue cycle management operations. A 30 Day onboarding, per the FTE agreement model, focuses on enhancing the revenue collection and bolstering the scalability of your organization.

When you have claims in increasing A/R buckets that need  attention but are unable to work them due to lack of talent and relevant skillset needed to get the job done, enter Jindal healthcare . This model provides more options for customization on special projects yet allows revenue cycle managers to maintain command over their operations.

We work with your existing  electronic medical records (EMR) system  to provide  required information to minimize errors and maximize revenue. This model can help you to reduce  staffing struggles and provide you with the opportunity to lower your overall cost-to-collect.

Three Ways We Partner

What Next?

Insurance Analysis for Potential Partners

Before we engage with you, we do a Partner Review at our cost. The analysis takes up to 45-90 hours to complete and is offered at no charge. All the reports run through HealthX, our proprietary tool, and then moved to PowerBi for visual representation.

The report focuses on 3 core areas of the revenue cycle:

Clean Claims
Unresolved Accounts
Insurance Claim

How do we get the data?

Our team takes in a file extract from your EMR and Clearing House, maintaining complete confidentiality and uploading it into our database. As a next step, we run an analysis using HealthX and upload the information on a PowerBi dashboard.

How long does it take?

From the time we get the file extracted, our team can normally turn around the analysis in 5 to 10 working days.

Need a customized
RCM strategy?

Our Mission

To enable healthcare providers to focus on quality care.


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