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Are you struggling to crack the code and understand the reasons for recurring payer denials?

Are staffing challenges and rising operational costs leaving revenue on the table?

Are revenue cycle challenges taking away the time from your patients?

We, at Jindal Healthcare, combine innovation with insights to confront these challenges head-on and help you reclaim the revenue that belongs to you.

Our tech-enabled and human expertise-driven comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management solutions helps integrate your siloed processes and optimize your workflows for improved patient access, seamless billing, speedy denial resolution, and faster revenue recovery.

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Revenue Growth
Clean Claim Rate
Decrease in Average AR Days
Reduction in Failure-to-Collect Rate
Increase in Average Patient Revenue
Collection Success Rate

Our Holistic Suite of Revenue Cycle Optimization Solutions

We harness the power of innovation and insights to accelerate your revenue growth

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and data visibility through business intelligence (BI) with our subject matter expertise, we optimize your revenue cycle to drive operational excellence and improve your financial outcomes.

Our comprehensive suite of RCM solutions is powered by HealthX, our proprietary AI-based propensity-to-pay and workflow management tool, which creates guardrails for claims processing based on client SOPs, prioritizes claims on the basis their likelihood to get paid, and provides key insights on the reasons for denials.

Achieve financial integrity while creating seamless patient journeys with our suite of revenue cycle solutions

Patient Access

Create a seamless patient financial and care experience with RPA-assisted eligibility verification and efficient prior authorization powered by HealthX.

Medical Coding and Billing

Navigate billing complexities with compliant coding, accurate charge capture, and timely claims filing for faster reimbursements.

Practice Planning

Get the financial health analysis of your practice and revenue cycle optimization consultation by our seasoned team of experts.

As Your Trusted Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Partner, We


We equip your process with our experienced team and advanced tech to supercharge your revenue cycle transformation.


We empower you to prioritize patient care and optimize your resources for critical, high-value tasks while we handle your revenue cycle complexities.


We enable informed decision-making powered by actionable insights into your KPIs through our custom, intuitive dashboards.


We elevate your bottom line and patient experience with optimized workflows for greater efficiency, seamless communication, and speedy revenue recovery.

We Leverage the Best of Platforms, People, Processes, and Practices to Drive Your Operational and Financial Success

Reclaim not Just Revenue, but Your Time and Costs

We eliminate your need for spending on hiring and training staff. With RCM load off your mind, you can reclaim not only your revenue but also your time to prioritize patient care.

Bridge Data and Process Siloes to Maximize Efficiency

We unify your disparate data sources for easy access to critical information and create seamless workflows in line with your SOPs for streamlined communication, improved efficiency, and maximized returns.

Seal Those Revenue Leaks to Improve Cash Flow

With our tech stack supporting our expertise, we identify and target revenue leakage areas, like missed charges, billing errors, common denial patterns, and incomplete documentation, to shorten your AR cycle.

What Makes Our Revenue Cycle Management Services Stand Out?

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< 0.2%

Reschedule Rate


Clean Claims Rate


Faliure to Collect Rate

Upto 35% Revenue Growth

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30% Revenue Growth

How we helped a pain management group grow their revenue by 30% by streamlining their claims filing

<5% Cost to Collect

How we helped a Texas-based pain management group reduce their cost to collect to <5%

51% Improvement in Collections

How we helped a medical practice specializing in anesthesia improve their monthly collections by 51%

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The Jindal Healthcare team has been absolutely wonderful in their ownership and accountability of the work. I am pleased with their RCM expertise and their determination to find a solution to problems and situations that come up while getting wheels up on a new practice. Would highly recommend them!
Stacy Bryan
CEO of Nereus Anesthesia
The Jindal Healthcare team has been instrumental in our revenue growth. They have helped lay down an organized process that has allowed us to focus on patient care. Their transparency, engagement, KPI-tracking, and ownership have been commendable. We have had a few vendors before, but this feels more like a true partnership promising high-quality results.
Alexandra Williams
COO of Dynamic Pain & Wellness
Jindal Healthcare has done a great job for our team. With their help, we have lowered our A/R and brought in a record collection amount over the last year. Their teamwork and communication are commendable.
Dr. Patel
Rural Health Facility, Texas

Explore Our FAQ Corner

Your top questions about revenue cycle management answered!

Industry leaders cannot emphasize enough on the benefits of outsourcing revenue cycle management for your bottom line. It equips you with a team well-versed in handling your revenue cycle challenges and saving you the time of hiring, training, and managing an in-house team. Moreover, it streamlines your processes to reduce errors while ensuring compliance to regulatory standards, thus accelerating your financial growth and reducing any legal risks.
We, at Jindal Healthcare, combine cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, RPA, and BI with our human expertise in revenue cycle management to reduce your administrative burden (of hiring and training an in-house team) and scope for documentation errors, thus improving your payment cycles and helping you realize significant cost savings in a short time.
Yes, we have a team of AAPC-certified, experienced revenue cycle management specialists to manage your revenue cycle end-to-end. Our experts undergo rigorous trainings on industry and client nuances as well as quality assurance programs to ensure they stay abreast of the ever-evolving healthcare regulations, coding standards, and payer trends for accurate documentation to facilitate quick reimbursements.
With prompt pre-authorization and automated eligibility verification, we create a seamless check-in for your patients while helping them understand their financial responsibility through the process. Besides, our accurate charge capture and streamlined billing help reduce payment-related disputes, thus enhancing the overall experience of your patients.
Contact us today for your revenue cycle consultation. Our experts will assess your business needs, create a customized solution, and guide you through the onboarding process to pave the way for your financial success.

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