Accelerate Your Revenue Recovery with Jindal Healthcare’s Accounts Receivable Management Services

Harnessing the power of our AI platform, HealthX, we derive propensity-to-pay intelligence, create decision model-guided custom SOPs, and optimize your workflows to:

Decode Preventable Denials and Recurring Underpayments

Find Missed Revenue Opportunities

Seal Up Revenue Leaks

Speed Up Your Cash Flow

Boost Your Bottom Line

Meet Your Financial Goals Faster with Speedy Revenue Recovery

Leverage innovation and insights to unlock hidden revenue avenues for your practice

Managing a large volume of accounts receivable can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t have the time, technology, or right resources to decode those obscure denial patterns, pinpoint and fix those hard-to-spot revenue leaks, and deal with recurring underpayments and changing payer behavior that put your financial goals at risk.

Partnering with an AR management expert can not only help you resolve these challenges with a timely expert intervention for faster reimbursements but also help you save your valuable time and resources while optimizing your costs.

We, at Jindal Healthcare, combine innovation and intelligent insights powered by our proprietary AI platform, HealthX, to identify and fix those recurring denials and payment shortfalls that have a significant impact on your revenue. By promptly addressing them, we help you reclaim your revenue faster while staying focused on your patients.

Our end-to-end AR management solution simplifies your denial and underpayment management and expedites your collections by bringing together our subject-matter expertise in revenue recovery and our proprietary AI-powered propensity-to-pay and workflow management platform, HealthX, to optimize your revenue cycle, speed up your cash flow, and boost your financial performance

Plug Revenue Leaks and Boost Profits with Jindal Healthcare’s AR Management Solution

AI-Powered Propensity-to-Pay Work Allocation Model

We utilize HealthX’s multivariate propensity-to-pay model to establish relative ranking among open claims and curate worklists for maximized results.

Decision Tree for Effective Claim Resolution

Our HealthX-integrated decision-tree approach helps democratize the best course of action every time your claim is worked.

Process Optimization for Faster Payments

HealthX empowers our experts to not only efficiently resolve your claims but also identify underlying denial root causes and missed revenue opportunities to boost your financial performance.

Tech-Empowered Analytics

Our BI-powered dashboards combined with actionable insights from our experts help not only in tracking your critical KPIs but also in offering a glide path to beat your financial goals.

Achieve Operational Efficiency to Elevate Your Earnings

Our AR management experts leverage AI and BI to monitor your KPIs and optimize your workflows to address denial patterns and revenue leaks that may lead to delayed payments or underpayments. Using the decision-tree model powered by HealthX, they make informed decisions to follow the best course of action to work your claims for improved collections and faster resolution, thus boosting your financial integrity.
Tech-enabled workflows and workforce
Custom, optimized AR process
AI- and BI-powered KPI insights

Quick denial resolution for faster revenue recovery

Improved financial performance

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Outsourced AR Management Services

Our proactive approach to revenue cycle optimization helps you achieve

Speedy Revenue Recovery

We leverage our AI platform, HealthX, to prioritize worklists and high-dollar accounts and claims with the highest likelihood of getting paid to accelerate your cash flow.

Clarity on Preventable Denials

Using HealthX, we decode and address obscure denials and underpayments, arising from factors like out-of-network plans and contractual disputes, to prevent them from happening in future.

Value-Driven Insights

By tracking your critical KPIs like cost to collect, clean claim rate, and failure-to-collect rate through intelligent dashboards, we optimize your workflows to enhance operational efficiency.

Continuous Process Improvements

We ensure continuous improvements in our processes and people by integrating advanced technologies to support our workflows and offering comprehensive trainings to our experts to enhance their efficiency.

Discover the Jindal Healthcare Edge

As Your Trusted AR Management Partner, We


We equip you with tech-enabled expertise to decode denials, fix leaks, and prioritize worklists for accelerated cash flow.


We empower you to prioritize patient care while we prioritize your collections.


We enable critical insights into your KPIs to optimize your processes for improved performance.


We help improve your clean payment rate to elevate your bottom line by integrating the best of data, technology, and subject-matter expertise.

Customers Trust Us for a Good Reason

< 0.2%

Reschedule Rate


Clean Claims Rate


Failure to Collect Rate

Upto 35% Revenue Growth

See How We Are Making a Difference

Witness Our Customers’ Success in Action!

47% Reduction in Cost to Collect

How we helped a Virgin Island-based multi-specialty reduce their cost-to-collect rate by 47%

51% Improvement in Collections

How we helped a medical practice specializing in anesthesia improve their monthly collections by 51%

<5% Cost to Collect

How we helped a Texas-based pain management group reduce their cost to collect to <5%

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Find Out Why They Love Us

The Jindal Healthcare team has been absolutely wonderful in their ownership and accountability of the work. I am pleased with their RCM expertise and their determination to find a solution to problems and situations that come up while getting wheels up on a new practice. Would highly recommend them!
Stacy Bryan
CEO of Nereus Anesthesia
The Jindal Healthcare team has been instrumental in our revenue growth. They have helped lay down an organized process that has allowed us to focus on patient care. Their transparency, engagement, KPI-tracking, and ownership have been commendable. We have had a few vendors before, but this feels more like a true partnership promising high-quality results.
Alexandra Williams
COO of Dynamic Pain & Wellness
Jindal Healthcare has done a great job for our team. With their help, we have lowered our A/R and brought in a record collection amount over the last year. Their teamwork and communication are commendable.
Dr. Patel
Rural Health Facility, Texas

Explore Our FAQ Corner

Your top questions about AR management answered!
Specialized AR handling ensures faster resolution of claim denials, minimizing delays and revenue loss. This is because RCM experts are well-versed in managing and processing huge volumes of complex claims data while keeping up with changing payer bahavior. Their expertise in worklist prioritization and denial resolution further helps in expediting collections, achieving cost optimization, and improving financial outcomes.
Outsourcing AR management can help you streamline your process for better claims management, improved collection rate, and reduced administrative burden and costs, thus allowing you to focus on patient care.
We employ advanced technologies such as AI, ML, and BI to complement our subject-matter expertise for tracking revenue cycle KPIs, prioritising worklists, fixing revenue leaks, and providing custom reports through intelligent dashboards to enhance process efficiency and improve financial outcomes of our clients.
We maintain strict compliance with industry regulations, including HIPAA, and keep our practices aligned with the latest laws, guidelines, and standards.
We offer end-to-end revenue cycle transformation solutions to our customers. Our solutions suite includes patient access (prior authorization and RPA-assisted eligibility verification), medical coding and billing (coding, charge capture, and claims filing), AR management (denial management services and underpayment management services and collection), and practice planning (financial health analysis and RCM consultation).
Contact our team to get a thorough analysis of your revenue cycle done. Our experts will explain you how we can optimize your AR management process to expedite your collections and improve your financial health.

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