HealthX: Transform Your Revenue Cycle Management

AI-powered tool that enables healthcare practices to visualize and track all metrics and KPIs that are critical to practices’ revenue management.

Manage Your Rev Cycle End-to-End with HealthX

For healthcare providers, navigating the complexities of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) can be overwhelming. From eligibility verification and claim submissions to denial management and collections, the sheer volume of administrative tasks can hinder smooth operations and distract from delivering quality patient care.

Jindal Healthcare’s HealthX, an automated RCM platform, helps healthcare practices achieve quality patient care by streamlining administrative tasks and optimizing the entire revenue cycle processes.

This data-driven RCM platform empowers your practice to streamline operations, eliminate scheduling bottlenecks, and deliver care to patients faster.

Built to Facilitate Your Journey to Success

Empower your practice with data-driven modules & insight that matters

Efficient Patient Scheduling & Insurance Verification

  • Instantly validate coverage, identify service scope, and estimate patient responsibility upfront to prevent denials and improve financial transparency
  • Automate rules-based authorization checks to ensure compliance and eliminate the risk of service errors
  • HealthX AI optimizes appointment flow, minimizing wait times and boosting patient satisfaction.

Accurate Coding and Timely Billing

  • Benefit from real-time data feeds and validation, eliminating errors and expediting claim submissions.
  • Precise coding suggestions and risk identification to ensure compliance.
  • Stay ahead with proactive alerts that anticipate and address potential issues before claims face denials.

Data-driven AR Management

  • Prioritize tasks based on custom metrics like denials, AR, and high-dollar accounts.
  • Track and analyze data at a micro level for data-driven decision-making.
  • Focus on key metrics such as days in AR, open denials, high-dollar accounts, and aging inventory for efficient management.

HealthX Features

Our AI-based tool streamlines the cycle, automating verification, empowering intelligent work allocation, and prioritizing tasks with laser focus.
Ticket Allocation

The process involves assigning tickets with uploaded Client specific attributes on HealthX, facilitating seamless assignment to designated agents.

Prioritization Model

AI-powered data analysis to prioritize bulk account allocation based on custom metrics such as aging accounts, denials & high-dollar-value accounts.

Auto Eligibility Verification

Direct automated verification from the payer website, streamlining the capture of estimated patient responsibilities, including copays and deductibles.

Easy Appeal Tracking

Facilitate effortless appeal tracking by assigning and monitoring cases seamlessly.

Agent Production

Exporting production reports across diverse segments for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Seamless Workflow Creation

Rapid client-specific workflow creation with Seamless Client Workflow, enabling administrators to design tailored workflows within minutes.

Role Based Access

Offers a dedicated module allowing administrators to control access to various modules, ensuring precise control over user permissions.

Power BI Integration

HealthX integrates seamlessly with Power BI for dynamic client dashboards and concise data reporting.

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