Make real-time data-driven decisions to transform your revenue cycle

Why revenue cycle analytics is a must?

Lack of analysis leads to

Inefficient Prior Authorization Process
Inability to identify and manage prior authorization can delay patient care.
Ineffective Billing & Coding Process
Failure to collect accurate information and making coding errors may impact revenue cycle negatively.
Poor Accounts Receivable Analysis
High accounts receivable may interrupt operational efficiency.

Power of HealthX:

Optimized Processes and Improved Outcomes

 Our proprietary Al-based tool, HealthX, analyzes your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and provides data-driven insights to achieve revenue cycle goals. This analyzed data is presented using PowerBi dashboards that empower you to monitor, assess, and set performance benchmarks for your revenue cycle. You can now provide excellent patient care while saving on cost and not worrying about finances.

Achieve real-world results with secure, proprietary data

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