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Up to 50%
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Empowering Healthcare Providers with Trusted RCM Solutions

As your trusted strategic partner for revenue cycle management, we
Analyze your revenue cycle performance and business needs
Create tech-enabled custom solutions that seamlessly integrate within your workflows
Optimize workflows targeting siloes and revenue leaks to drive efficiency
Put you on the path to revenue integrity for sustained financial growth
Our Holistic Suite of Revenue Cycle Optimization Solutions
Patient Access

Deliver seamless patient care through quick, efficient prior authorization and RPA-assisted eligibility checks.

Medical Coding and Billing

Achieve faster reimbursements with certified, trained coders and billers managing your billing and claim submissions.

AR Management

Accelerate revenue recovery with our propensity-to-pay AI model, HealthX, and customized workflows for denial and underpayment management.

Practice Planning

Unlock actionable insights into your revenue cycle KPIs with intelligent dashboards and financial health consultation from our experts.

Meet HealthX – Your Trusted AI Partner for Revenue Cycle Optimization

Built to Facilitate Your Journey to Financial Success

At the heart of our revenue cycle solution suite lies HealthX, our proprietary AI-powered propensity-to-pay and workflow management platform.

Built on the cutting-edge AI technology, HealthX facilitates quick, efficient prior authorization and leverages RPA bots for patient eligibility verification; scrubs claims to ensure cleaner coding and claim submission; prioritizes AR worklists through its propensity-to-pay intelligence; employs its embedded decision-tree model to custom your SOPs for
quantitative work; and utilizes data analytics to build intelligent dashboards for actionable insights into your KPIs to create seamless, optimized workflows for your speedy revenue recovery.

The end-to-end RCM platform helps create efficient workflows for seamless patient access, accurate coding and billing, and prompt denial and underpayment resolution, thus improving your clean claim rate, shortening your AR days, and elevating your bottom line.


Harnesses AI intelligence and optimizes workflows to boost revenue cycle efficiency

Key Features


We Harness the Best Platforms, People, Processes, and Practices to Drive Your Revenue Cycle Success

  • People

    Our team comprises certified, trained, and experienced RCM professionals adept at handling complex situations and providing intervention when technology falls short.

  • Processes

    We utilize technology and our subject-matter expertise to integrate and enhance your workflows and processes, eliminating data siloes and boosting efficiency.

  • Platforms

    We leverage top-tier technological innovations like AI, ML, RPA, and BI to not only analyze and track your revenue cycle KPIs but also optimize your workflows to get you results, faster.

  • Practices

    We follow proven practices to ensure strict compliance with regulatory standards and client SOPs while staying abreast of payer behavior and trends to prevent any legal risks or disputes.

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30% Revenue Growth

How we helped a pain management group grow their revenue by 30% by streamlining their claims filing

<5% Cost to Collect

How we helped a Texas-based pain management group reduce their cost to collect to <5%

51% Improvement in Collections

How we helped a medical practice specializing in anesthesia improve their monthly collections by 51%

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The Jindal Healthcare team has been absolutely wonderful in their ownership and accountability of the work. I am pleased with their RCM expertise and their determination to find a solution to problems and situations that come up while getting wheels up on a new practice. Would highly recommend them!
Stacy Bryan
CEO of Nereus Anesthesia
The Jindal Healthcare team has been instrumental in our revenue growth. They have helped lay down an organized process that has allowed us to focus on patient care. Their transparency, engagement, KPI-tracking, and ownership have been commendable. We have had a few vendors before, but this feels more like a true partnership promising high-quality results.
Alexandra Williams
COO of Dynamic Pain & Wellness
Jindal Healthcare has done a great job for our team. With their help, we have lowered our A/R and brought in a record collection amount over the last year. Their teamwork and communication are commendable.
Dr. Patel
Rural Health Facility, Texas

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