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We are a US company with global assets and infrastructure that improves the revenue cycle process for Healthcare Clinics. We guarantee benchmarked success on insurance denials and improved A/R within 6 months or we work for free. 


Results are guaranteed withing 6 months of project start. 


All reporting is setup to display 24/7 on our secure dashboards. 


Our experts can build integrations into multiple billing platforms.

Client Success Stories

Higher Volume But Lower Margins

Brain and Spine centre was generating a high volume of referrals, yet continued to experience a decrease in profit margins. Solution: Implementation of revenue cycle dashboard and practice management services provided the catalyst for double-digit margin improvement.

Losses from Lingering Claims

A Texas-based hospital was losing money due to lingering A/R on Automobile Claims. Jindal HC purchased the outstanding receivables and implemented it's revenue cycle management solutions resulting in a substantial decrease in bad debt and significant impact in cash flow for the operation.

A high-volume Pain Group wanted to terminate it's an employment contract and establishing independent practices. We built out IT infrastructure at each clinical location, implementing EMR, billing and phone networks, creating a centralized billing and scheduling operation.  Supplemental services were also rolled out to train staff and credential the physicians. Cashflow positive was reached within 6 months.

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Physician Group


Physician Groups

Healthcare Facilities

After we brought in Jindal Healthcare, we were able to finally get a grip on our Coding and A/R. Best year we have ever had.”

— John S.,  Physician Partners TX

Our Three-Step Discover Plan

Our proven 3 step approach makes it easy for your customers to do business with us from all over the US.


Introductions. Understand the desired goals. Analyze data and provide our expert feedback.

Step 2

We agree with the scope of work presented. Define a benchmark & timeline to achieve success.

Step 3

We integrate our technology on your behalf and deploy our team of experts on your project. 

Our Partner Promise

In 6 months, if we can't improve your practice and achieve benchmarked success then we will work for free until we hit the mark! We are so confident in our staff and the processes that we are willing to go at-risk to prove the level that we want to be partners.

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The CEO's Perfect Morning 

Imagine waking up and heading into your clinic and with a touch of a button you can see that all your claims have been submitted, all denials have been fixed and your billing A/R is all being managed by your Jindal HC Team. Allowing you to see your patients and then head to the house with the family all-knowing that overnight your new claims will be sent out on time without any issues.

This is not a fairytale. We can help you and will build in a guarantee to ensure you know how invested we are to your success.

Portrait of a Young Doctor

Our Mission 

We exist to deliver consistency and quality necessary to provide a stable revenue cycle environment for your business to operate most efficiently and effectively. At Jindal HC, we have made it our mission to understand the myriad challenges in healthcare today and strive to maintain the highest quality of work and build long term partnerships.



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