Experience Accurate Coding for Accelerated Payments with Jindal Healthcare's Medical Billing and Coding Services

Streamline your claims, accelerate your payments, and focus on what matters you the most – your patients.

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    Achieve Precise Billing by Certified Experts

    Reduce Overhead Costs and Staff Burnout

    Accelerate Cash Flow with Faster Reimbursements

    Did you know 90% of claims can be prevented with revenue cycle improvements?

    Jindal Healthcare can help you achieve that and more by combining innovation and intelligence to help you navigate medical coding and billing complexities and improve your clean claim rate for speedy payments and quick revenue recovery.

    Get Expert Support for Accurate Coding and Billing

    From meticulous coding and charge capture to efficient claims submission, our team of certified experts is adept at every aspect of healthcare billing to help you achieve higher clean claim rate and improved financial outcomes.

    Transform Your Practice and Unlock Success with Jindal Healthcare

    Our dedicated team of experts leverages state-of-the-art AI- and BI-driven workflows to timely and accurately file your claims, bridge billing gaps, and reduce potential payer denials, which further helps boost the financial integrity of your practice.

    Tech–Human Intelligence at Play

    Our medical coding and billing experts leverage HealthX, our proprietary AI tool, to bring precision in charge capture, reduce the scope of errors and denials, and drive efficiency across your revenue cycle.

    Real-Time Analytics and Custom Reporting

    Our workflows offer real-time KPI analytics and tailored reporting through intelligent dashboards to give actionable insights into coding efficiency, financial performance, and compliance adherence.

    Regular Audits and Compliance Checkups

    We perform regular audits and compliance checks to minimize legal risks and promote ethical practices in our medical coding solutions.

    CPT and ICD-10 Coding Mastery

    Our experts are proficient in capturing and filing accurate diagnostic (ICD-10) and procedural (CPT) codes for quick reimbursements.

    Streamlined Billing for Quick Reimbursements

    Meet Your Financial Goals Faster While Staying Focused on Patient Care

    Outsource medical coding and billing to boost your process quality and productivity and strengthen the financial health of your practice.