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Qualified Clinics Will Receive A Free
Claims Audit
By Our HealthX Team

Example of Results Assuming est $20 Million/Year In Revenue...

$3 Million Extra Revenue

Improve Revenue By 15%

$600,000 In Savings

Rev Cycle Performance and Lower Collection Cost

2-4 Months

Duration For Visble Results

+$3.6 Million/Year

Potential Additional Net Profit Per Year

What is HealthX 2.0 ?

HealthX is a game-changing platform that allows our team to accelerate your medical clinics revenue cycle. Say goodbye to manual billing errors, denied claims and delayed reimbursements, and hello to increased profitability and efficiency with HealthX 2.0

Streamline Your Medical Billing

Our revenue cycle solution streamlines your billing cycle. Delivering accelerated, sustainable results and helping you get paid faster.

Data-driven Management

Tired of rising denials and follow-ups?

HealthX 2.0 lets you compare your KPIs to MGMA-set benchmarks and take data-driven decisions that improve outcomes. All from your phone via PowerBi App.

A/R Reduction Approach

Don’t let insurance companies hold your money!

 With accurate coding and reduced denials, your collections rate could go down by up to 30% reducing your overall Accounts Receivable (A/R) days.

Priority Claim Processing

Transform Healthcare Experiences

Leveraging the Jindal Team and the HealthX technology, we work to find the claims that need to be worked first, preventing timely filing issues for claims. 

Practice Planning
Minimize claims cycle complexities, reduce accounts receivable (A/ R) and strengthen your practice’s financial health.
Patient Access And Pre-Authorization
Remove uncertainty around prior auth, streamline financial clearances and achieve a breakthrough in patient satisfaction.
Medical Coding And Billing
Our experts are well-versed in ICD-10 codes, CPT and payors’ guidelines and can help you get timely payments and insurance reimbursements.
Revenue Acceleration
Mitigate compliance risk, recover net revenue and accelerate collections based on real-time analytical insights provided through HealthX 2.0.

No need to change billing systems...We Work Inside Your Current System

We know how hard it can be to change billing systems. Our teams are training to work inside your current system, allowing any project to be started within 30 day!

We Enhance Your Billing Process With:

Driven End-To- End medical Coding & Billing Solution