Revenue Cycle Management

We have been helping healthcare facilities in the US for over 10 years. Our team is complete with subject matter experts in all areas of the revenue cycle. 

We leverage your existing technology, HEALTHX, wrapped in our best-of-class services to provide an offering for organizational excellence.

Service Areas We Focus On


  • Insurance Billing and Follow Up

  • Coding

  • Payment Posting

  • Insurance Verification


Decreased Cost to Collect 


Increased Revenue


Decrease in Accounts Receivable


Increase in Cash 


Unlimited Capacity to Scale

Insurance Analysis for Potential Partners

Anytime we start a new relationship we first do an insurance analysis to be able to help identify any areas that need special attention. The analysis takes 45-90 man-hours to complete and is offered at no change. All the reports are run through HealthX, our proprietary tool, and then pushed to PowerBi for review. 

The report focuses on 3 core areas of the revenue cycle,

  • Clean Claims Audit

  • Unresolved Accounts Receivables

  • Insurance Claim Denials

How do we get the data?

Our team takes in a file extract from your EMR and uploads it into our database. We then do our analysis and upload the data into a PowerBI dashboard. Email us to see a sample report. 

How long does it take?

From the time we get the file extract our team can normally turn around the analysis in 5 to 10 working days. 

What do your charge for this?

At this time, we are not charging for the initial analysis. Once completed, if there are any areas that need special attention then we will offer a solution that can support your facility. There is no obligation to work with Jindal Healthcare once the analysis is completed. 

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